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Earn over $100k a year teaching less than 30 hours a week

Embrace a setup where passion meets profession, and where your dedication is both professionally and financially rewarding.

Discover your earning power at New York Pilates

We think you’re worth it! Our pay tiers are transparent and designed for growth. Teach at a studio that values your experience and expertise. Grow a community while you grow professionally!

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Add 5 more hours each week to make an extra $20800

Teach a dedicated and committed Pilates community

Lead a community with an unwavering love and dedication to the Pilates. From creatives to professionals, each member’s commitment is evident, creating a vibrant atmosphere where the essence of Pilates thrives. More than just a workout, for us, Pilates is a way of life.

Become a part of New York’s highest rated Pilates studio

Teach at any of our 8 stunning locations

With 8 locations and 13 studios in NYC and the Hamptons, we provide the best group reformer Pilates classes available. Our studios are modern and inviting, making them a pleasure to teach in. Teach in a vibrant studio vibe accentuated by upbeat music and the warm glow of pink lights.

Grow at a career studio designed to support and lead

Created by fellow instructor Heather Andersen and Branding expert Brion Isaacs, New York Pilates stands out as a top workplace for those serious about their Pilates career. Teachers can earn over $100k working 30 hours a week and over $70k working 20-hours a week.We offer consistent schedules for stability, a transparent pay structure for clarity, and quarterly check-ins with managers for consistent growth opportunity.
Heather Andersen, New York Pilates Founder

Founded by expert Pilates instructor Heather Andersen

“I built a Pilates studio where teachers could have leadership, support, and build a real career full time!” Heather Andersen, Founder, Master Instructor and Owner of New York Pilates

Get to know Heather on popular podcasts

Listen to Heather talk about Pilates and how she transitioned into becoming a full-time instructor, established New York Pilates with a mission to reformer classes widely available, and create a space where instructors could not only teach but also build a sustainable and rewarding career in Pilates.

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Listen to our teachers share their journeys, the skills they’ve developed, and the confidence they’ve gained

Frequently asked questions

Who is behind the New York Pilates Online Instructor Training?

Our training was masterfully crafted by Heather, the founder of NYP and a 15-year Pilates veteran. She teamed up with a network of Pilates experts to ensure you get the most comprehensive training available. Additionally, our amazing Instructor Training Mentors will be there with you every step of the way to provide a quality, educational, and entertaining experience.

Is there an application process?

For our 200-hour mat program, all you need is a love for Pilates! If you’re eyeing the 200-hour Reformer program, you will need a mat certification from NYP or another institution. Sign up for the Mat + Reformer Certification to be the ultimate Pilates expert!

Is there an application process?

For our 200-hour mat program, all you need is a love for Pilates! If you’re eyeing the 200-hour Reformer program, you will need a mat certification from NYP or another institution. Sign up for the Mat + Reformer Certification to be the ultimate Pilates expert!

When can I start my training?

Our programs are 100% on-demand. Whether you choose the Mat Instructor Training or the Reformer Instructor Training, you can commence at any time that suits you, with the freedom to finish within a year.

How do the live mentorship webinars work?

For Mat Instructor Training, join the LIVE webinars every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 PM EST. For Reformer Instructor Training, the webinars are every Wednesday at the same time.


What does "self-paced" mean for the training?

It means flexibility! Start whenever you’re ready, and choose to either speed through or spread out your learning throughout the year. We provide the resources; you set the pace.

I already have a Mat Certification. Do I need to start from scratch?

No! If you want to dive into the Reformer Instructor Training, just take our bridge course. This ensures you’re on par with our Mat Certification course graduates. Live chat us for the link.

How do I fulfill the practice hours requirement?

We’ve made it easy and enjoyable! With your 3-month complimentary NYP WORLD subscription, complete 100 hours of self-practice. Practice teaching is even more fun: teach 50 hours to your peers in the Online Training Program and another 50 hours to friends and family, be it in real life or via Zoom.

How long will it take to complete the training?

On average, most students finish each certification within 6 months to 1 year. However, everyone’s journey is unique, and we recognize that life can be unpredictable. Hence, the time frame is entirely up to you, you have one year to complete your trainings.

What is the testing process?

After completing all workshops and 200 hours of training, you can test out. This involves a two-part certification test, written anatomy and practical teaching, that you’ll submit online. And the best part? You can retest for free!

What is the salary range for Pilates teachers?

As of July 25, 2023, the average salary of a Certified Pilates Instructor in the United States is $57,193, with a range that typically falls between $42,089 and $79,979. This can be influenced by various factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience with some teachers earning between $100,000 – $150,000 a year!

What are the steps to becoming a Pilates Instructor

Thinking about becoming a Pilates instructor? That’s awesome! 🎉 To kick things off, you should definitely hit up a few Pilates classes. This gives you a feel of what it’s all about. Dive in, learn about its history, and soak up the vibes from different studios.

After you’ve got a taste, you’ll want to enroll in a training program that vibes with you. Some of these programs dive deep into topics like the backstory of Pilates, the core principles, mat workouts, and even how to handle the equipment. Once you’ve aced the training, gear up for the big leagues – the National Pilates Certification Program exam. Nail that, and bam! You’re officially certified.

🎓 Now, with that shiny certificate, you can start hunting for gigs. There’s a whole world of places looking for someone with your skills – from dance studios, gyms to exclusive Pilates studios. And remember, the learning never stops! Keep updating your skills, maybe get recertified once in a while, and show everyone you’re totally committed to the Pilates life! ✌️

Who can become a Pilates instructor?

Our program is designed so that you can work at a pace comfortable for you. Course work can be completed in as little as 3 months or you can take up to a year. With 400 hours of coursework, you’re guaranteed success.

What is the best way to prepare to teach Pilates?

To make the most of your Pilates instructor training, become immersed in it. Take as many classes as possible and try different styles to get a better feel for the area you want to focus on. Set aside time to study the anatomy coursework and watch instructional videos. You can also practice saying the terms out loud and to students when you’re in the moment. All of this will help give you an edge when learning new techniques.

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