Online Instructor Training July 2021


Elite Mat & Anatomy Certification

Deepen your knowledge and become a fully certified

Pilates Mat Instructor with our 200-hour, 6 week training,

hosted entirely online by Heather Andersen and the NYP team.

Mat + Anatomy Certificate

Tuition: $2,800

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

2021 Summer Mat + Anatomy Workshop Schedule

July 13 – August 19

Tuesdays: 6:00pm-8:00pm EST

Thursdays: 6:00pm-8:00pm EST

MEGA PERK!!! All workshops will be available on demand after airing if you are not able to attend any times. 

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

Mat & Anatomy Course Curriculum

0.1 Essential Anatomy………………………………. July 13 – July 15

0.2 Essential Exercises……………………………… July 20 – July 22

0.3 Mat Pilates Choreography……………………. July 27 – July 29

0.4 Verbal + Touch Cueing………………………… August 3 – August 5

0.5 Modifications + Special Populations……… August 10 – August 13

0.6 Presence + Programming …………………….. August 17 – August 19

200 hour Mat + Anatomy course breakdown.  50 hours of workshops.  50 hours of self practice.  50 hours of practice teaching.  50 hours of study and assignments.

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

What You Learn

Learn the history of Pilates.

Learn to asses anybody and give corrective exercises that slay.

Learn to create programs that help strengthen your students and deliver results.

Learn how to build a social presence that gets noticed.

Learn to connect successfully through platforms like Zoom, Tiktok, and Instagram

Learn to communicate with confidence in any situation.

Learn how to deepen you practice at any level.

Learn about the Pilates industry and how to grow into the career you want.

Learn how to thrive online and make deep connections.

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

What You Get

200 Hour Mat + Anatomy Certification!!!!

Access to a New career!!!

Teach Mat classes & Private sessions online and in person!!!

Access to our exclusive digital manual and video tutorials!!!

World class Pilates mentorship from Heather Andersen!!!!

Access to your new incredible community!!!!

A deeper understanding of your own body and Pilates practice!!!!

Increased confidence in your own abilities!!!

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

Learn from the Best in the Biz

Developed by NYP Founder & Master Instructor Heather Andersen, Online Instructor Training will help to bring the New York Pilates experience and community across the globe!

Learn from the woman who launched a business and built 7 studios in 7 years, teaching over 10,000 individual students in the process. NYP hosts a wide celebrity fanbase and has been named “fashion’s favorite Pilates studio” by Vogue.

NYP Founder Heather Andersen packs her 15+ years of experience of teaching and building a brand into a 200 hour program to set you up for success.

Learn anatomy, form, and programming plus business and planning tips from Heather Andersen, the NYP Teaching Team and experts from around the world.

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

200 Hours to Endless Opportunity

Whether you are building a new career or furthering your existing one, at NYP, our mission is to challenge the industry’s standard of Pilates training. We don’t just teach Pilates, we teach you how to be a better communicator and leader.

Our 200-hour Pilates Mat training is a 6 week program consisting of live webinars with NYP Founder and Master Instructor, Heather Andersen, and other New York Pilates teachers, self-guided study, and practice teaching. You’ll graduate the program with a deep understanding of human anatomy, Pilates method, dynamic teaching skills, and expertise on the business of instructing. 

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

Learn from The Best, Anywhere, Anytime

Live webinars taught by NYP Founder and Master Instructor, Heather Andersen and our Teaching Team are supplemented with self guided study and practice hours for a schedule thats all your own.

Gain access to the first ever, digital Pilates manual with over exercise videos, voice overs, anatomy and cuing tools, and more. Access the digital manual anywhere, with annual updates to the technology and content.

Practice on your own time with your friends, family, over zoom, or in person – all that matters is that you get your experience.

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

Become an Expert

Explore the human body through Pilates and dive deep into anatomy and biomechanics with our comprehensive anatomy curriculum developed by Heather Andersen, who has studied under experts including Irene Dowd and Kelly Kane.

Deepen your connection to the NYP community and get access to one on one mentoring and exclusive continuing education programs through New York Pilates’ network of thousands of Pilates pros.

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

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    Fashion's favorite Pilates studio.

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What Students Say

“I’ve taken all mat modules for Balanced Body and the way you guys have the info formatted is soooo much clearer and I’m actually retaining more anatomical terms. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of hours of watching workshops! So much fun to learn!!!”.”

-Erica Hogan, New York Pilates Instructor Trainee

“I had a great experience with the IT program, the instructor training team provided the knowledge needed to start a successful career as an instructor.  I always had a lot of support when it came to questions and navigating my way into the fitness industry.”

-Annie Richards, Equipment Certified Pilates Instructor

“Through the New York Pilates IT program I gained so much anatomical knowledge about the body that has helped both with teaching clients about their own bodies as well as helping me with my own practice. The instructors were amazing and I felt a real sense of community with the other people in the program and it made it that much more fun.”

-Mary Elizabeth Buckingham, Equipment Certified Pilates Instructor

Elite Mat & Anatomy Certification

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Deepen your knowledge and become a fully certified

Pilates Mat Instructor with our 200-hour, 6 week training,

hosted entirely online by Heather Andersen and the NYP team.

Mat + Anatomy Certificate

Tuition: $2,800

Program Cost $2,800. Limited Spots Available.

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