Tone. Tighten. Transform.

Re-sculpt your body with five days of intense Pilates classes and workshops designed to re-align, strengthen, tighten, and perk up your booty. Challenge yourself in NYP’s Abs Arms Ass class and learn to enhance your Pilates skills in Heather’s Signature Workshops. Learn more about your Pilates practice and your body with intimate educational workshops tailored to your body.

Start the New Year with a total body Pilates Intensive 5 Day Program. Let the New York Pilates fitness experts get you into shape and show you how to take confidence into everything you do.

Cleanse your body.

Cleanse yourself with a three day clean eating plan from Juice Press to nourish and kick your New Years Resolution into high gear.  Fuel your body with 9 vegan meals of salads, soups, and 14 of JP’s fresh pressed juices.

Explore New York City.

Stay in the heart of Soho at 11 Howard, surrounded by the best galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Sit outside at a local cafe, take a walk through a museum, relax at Aire Ancient Bathes, then indulge in the delicious flavors of NYC’s food scene. Local favorites such as De Maria are only steps away, or enjoy 11 Howard’s own The Library, ready to prepare healthy meals and snacks at anytime. Check out The Blonde for a night cap – once you’re completed with your 3 day cleanse, of course!

Sample Day with NYP

9 am

Wake up in the city’s most chic hotel, begin the first day of your clean eating plan with a vegan breakfast.

10 am

Start off with Pilates class designed by Heather Andersen to get those abs shaking and those booties quaking.

11:30 am

Up the intensity with a Pilates workshop, followed meditation to refocus the mind.

12 pm

Tap into NYC’s vibrant, creative energy.Visit a gallery, check out a local bookstore, or traipse around the city with other inspired locals and travelers.

3 pm

End of day NYP signature Abs Arms Ass Pilates class to keep you tight in all the right places.

7:30 pm

Dinner time! After the 3 day clean eating plan, indulge in a group dinner at Heather’s favorite downtown restaurant. Enjoy amazing food and drinks on the Bowery.

Let’s do this.

The Breakdown

5 nights at 11 Howard Hotel located in Soho
(arrive on 1/2/18 and depart on 1/7/18)


Daily reformer Pilates classes designed to sculpt and shape


Targeted Pilates workshops


3 days of Juice Press Clean Eating vegan meals
(9 meals of salads and soups + 14 juices)


1 Group dinner



*Airfare and transportation not included

What’s Next

After purchasing you’ll receive an email from an NYP team member. If you select a double room, our NYP team member will set you up with a roommate either of your choice or by lottery.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is due in full at time of your reservation. By submitting your credit card information, you authorize NYP to charge your credit card for this amount. Purchases are final, and no refunds will be issued. Be sure your information is correct before your purchase is made.

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