dynamic, vibrant, crafted, refined, relatable, organic


How did you get into Pilates?

An extensive low back injury had introduced me to Pilates, and I’ve not looked back since!

Why do you love Pilates?

Pilates is an overall approach to life. You have to keep your brain engaged to activate your body correctly.

Why did you become an instructor?

I spend a lot of my time doing Pilates, and I want to share that passion with others!

What makes your class special?

My body has been through some tough injuries, which has given me the understanding of others’ struggles with their bodies.

Why do you love teaching at New York Pilates?

I love New York Pilates because the students here genuinely care about their bodies. Students come to New York Pilates for more than just a workout.

How long have you been an instructor?

1 year

Do you prefer fitness or technical classes?

I prefer my students take technical classes and master refined movements, and build that knowledge into a fitness class.


With a variety of classes for every mood and style, it’s easy to find your fit.

  • Kai-ting intuitive, vibrant, imaginative, daring, analytical, laidback
  • Kay approachable, technical, focused, vibrant, artistic, steady
  • Kerttu focused, energetic, adventurous, fun, progressive, welcoming
  • Courtney rigorous, dynamic, focused, progressive, bold, welcoming
  • Sean imaginative, playful, energetic, approachable, intuitive, rigorous
  • Elle intuitive, focused, energetic, sincere, artistic, dependable
  • Amanda playful, technical, dynamic, imaginative, progressive, focused
  • Heather fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
  • Regan refined, focused, graceful, calm, trusted, sophisticated
  • Gio vibrant, curious, artistic, technical, sincere, approachable
  • Arianna fun, disciplined, playful, energetic, sincere
  • Mariusz artistic, technical, progressive, focused, open-minded, fun
  • MEG imaginative, dynamic, technical, surprising, vibrant, welcoming
  • Britni energetic, fun, dynamic, technical, scientific, rigorous
  • Katherine dynamic, vibrant, crafted, refined, relatable, organic
  • Rhys dynamic, clever, vibrant, rigorous, cheeky, technical
  • Jen energetic, multifaceted, scientific, approachable, dynamic, accomplished
  • Whitney fun, playful, relatable, intuitive, trusted, approachable
  • JENNIFER sincere, disciplined, rigorous, fun, progressive, energetic
  • Lindy scientific, technical, focused, sincere, laid-back, steady
  • Rachel welcoming, fun, imaginative, dynamic, technical, vibrant
  • Emma focused, dynamic, playful, imaginative, scientific, calm