fierce, grateful, cheeky, disciplined, energetic, approachable


How did you get into Pilates?

As a dancer, I naturally gravitated towards the fitness world. However, after high impact training left me imbalanced and in need of physical therapy, I found my way back to Pilates. Still with my desire to teach, I wanted to focus on something that wasn’t going to break people down over time and injure them. With Pilates, I knew I was a part of something that promoted total body wellness. It’s restorative, yet challenging. People at all levels and all stages of their lives experience the benefits.

Why is Pilates your passion?

There is longevity. You can grow old doing Pilates. The future is lit! We’re not hurting ourselves. We’re getting all of the little muscles to help the big muscles to work together in harmony. We’re stretching, strengthening and realigning our bodies. It’s everything!

Why did you become an instructor?

I’m passionate about health and wellness. The gym is a scary place, and I wanted to inspire people to just start by moving. With Pilates there is something for everyone, You don’t have to be at your 100 percent best to get a result. Come as you are, and we’ll work it out.

What makes your class sweaty?

My class is detail-oriented. There’s placement and alignment involved. I ask you to dig deep and to pay attention to where your muscles are in space and what you should be feeling. When people understand what I’m asking of them, it’s like an aha moment. Their faces light up, and I know they get it. They are with me.

Why do you love teaching at NYP?

NYP is a supportive, uplifting community, not just a place you call work. There is this idea that we’re all striving to be better. In such a nurturing environment, any type of growth is inevitable. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s très chic and très cool. The dope beats are a bonus.

How long have you been an instructor?

I’ve been teaching dance for +10 years (American Ballet Theater NTC Certified), Pilates Mat for 3 years, and received my Pilates Comprehensive Apparatus Certification in April 2018.


With a variety of classes for every mood and style,

it’s easy to find your fit.

  • Heather fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
  • Nwando welcoming, trusted, playful, rigorous, complex, intuitive
  • Abby vibrant, intuitive, energetic, trusted, curious, adventurous
  • Kai-ting intuitive, vibrant, imaginative, daring, analytical, laidback
  • Talese curious, welcoming, energetic, fun, crafted, radical
  • Mayo fun, scientific, energetic, disciplined, surprising, respectful
  • Dana energetic, fun, experimental, welcoming, dynamic, laid-back
  • Meg imaginative, dynamic, technical, surprising, vibrant, welcoming
  • Sam playful, approachable, fun, crafted, rigorous, experimental
  • Marcia fierce, grateful, cheeky, disciplined, energetic, approachable
  • Jen P artistic, playful, vibrant, refined, welcoming, technical
  • Alec approachable, fun, rigorous, dynamic, cheeky, practical
  • Jennifer sincere, disciplined, rigorous, fun, progressive, energetic
  • Jenni relatable, calm, imaginative, intuitive, playful, experimental
  • Leyla welcoming, professional, rigorous, sincere, vibrant, intuitive
  • Xander artistic, laid-back, playful, adventurous, graceful, dynamic
  • Cassandra raw, playful, welcoming, adventurous, curious, dynamic
  • Heran approachable, fun, rigorous, crafted, scientific, energetic
  • Jane S. intuitive, dynamic, subtle, graceful, relatable, adventurous
  • Emi
  • Javi
  • Banu
  • Tiffany welcoming, progressive, dynamic, playful, vibrant, sincere,
  • Anna approachable, rigorous, playful, laid-back, open-minded, raw
  • Katelyn approachable, trusted, sincere, playful, experimental, scientific