artistic, laid-back, playful, adventurous, graceful, dynamic


How did you get into Pilates?

I was a performer my whole life, specifically as an actor and dancer. When I was in a theater program at college, I got really interested in breath and how it is connected to sensations of the body. I took my first reformer Pilates class around the same time, and I fell in love with it. Pilates felt extremely intuitive from my dance/theater background. It was the first workout I felt truly comfortable with.

Why is Pilates your passion?

I think Pilates is for everyone. It can help in such targeted ways, and it can also be used in the broadest of ways to work out. I think the exercises are so smart and reformative while providing a strong foundation for anything life throws at you. I really believe that everyone should do Pilates. It makes me healthier in every aspect and teaches me how to support my body throughout my daily life. There’s also something beautiful behind the pure science of it… Pilates works your body in the way it’s designed to be used.

Why did you become an instructor?

I wanted to share Pilates with people. It’s something I’m genuinely excited to do everyday. I also love helping clients discover their power. There’s always that ‘aha’ moment!

What makes your class unique?

I like to make my class challenging, but approachable. I try to take clients out of the intensity by throwing in a bit of cheekiness or a joke. Your abs are working if you’re laughing! I fully support trying challenging things in class. The worst thing that can happen is you fall, you learn, and then you get back into the groove.

Why are you excited to teach at NYP / why do you love teaching at NYP ?

NYP does such an amazing job of making Pilates accessible and relevant to people who may not know they need it. Pilates is a workout, but it can also be fun, sexy, and goofy!

How long have you been an instructor?

Since Fall 2017.


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  • Heather fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
  • Nwando welcoming, trusted, playful, rigorous, complex, intuitive
  • Abby vibrant, intuitive, energetic, trusted, curious, adventurous
  • Kai-ting intuitive, vibrant, imaginative, daring, analytical, laidback
  • Talese curious, welcoming, energetic, fun, crafted, radical
  • Mayo fun, scientific, energetic, disciplined, surprising, respectful
  • Dana energetic, fun, experimental, welcoming, dynamic, laid-back
  • Meg imaginative, dynamic, technical, surprising, vibrant, welcoming
  • Sam playful, approachable, fun, crafted, rigorous, experimental
  • Marcia fierce, grateful, cheeky, disciplined, energetic, approachable
  • Jen P artistic, playful, vibrant, refined, welcoming, technical
  • Alec approachable, fun, rigorous, dynamic, cheeky, practical
  • Jennifer sincere, disciplined, rigorous, fun, progressive, energetic
  • Jenni relatable, calm, imaginative, intuitive, playful, experimental
  • Leyla welcoming, professional, rigorous, sincere, vibrant, intuitive
  • Xander artistic, laid-back, playful, adventurous, graceful, dynamic
  • Cassandra raw, playful, welcoming, adventurous, curious, dynamic
  • Heran approachable, fun, rigorous, crafted, scientific, energetic
  • Jane S. intuitive, dynamic, subtle, graceful, relatable, adventurous
  • Emi
  • Javi
  • Banu
  • Tiffany welcoming, progressive, dynamic, playful, vibrant, sincere,
  • Anna approachable, rigorous, playful, laid-back, open-minded, raw
  • Katelyn approachable, trusted, sincere, playful, experimental, scientific