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Working Out In Montauk, New York Pilates Style

Pilates by the beach—maybe not as delicious as cake by the ocean, but oh, you’ll feel so good after taking a New York Pilates Montauk class at Gurney’s Montauk Seawater Resort & Spa.

The studio sits on the Gurney’s Residences side, in a building tucked into a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Seriously. You see the sunlight glinting off the water and hear the crashing waves through the sliding screen doors that open into a beachy space with white walls and wood-grain-printed spongy flooring that’s soft on the feet.

New York Pilates founder Heather Andersen has platinum hair and a dog named Hazelnut. “The Pilates dog,” she says. Hazelnut wuffles.

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