You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Trying new things can sometimes be scary, but we got you. Our goal is to make everything here simple and transparent. Read below for what’s good


What is ABS ARMS ASS™?

Our trademarked ABS ARMS ASS class is a high vibe, high intensity, addictive 45 minute full body workout founded by master trainer Heather Andersen. 

The workout is an immersive mind-body experience guided by our amazing instructors. You’ll be transcended by the music and neon lights as you sculpt the superficial and discover your best inner self. 

Pregnant? All of our instructors have been trained on making modifications as needed for pre/post natal students. Please be sure to share with your instructor prior to class that you are pre/post natal so we can best accommodate you.

I'm new to reformer pilates. Can I still take class?

Our Signature ABSARMSASS™ class is open level, and designed to be accessible for all levels of pilates practitioners. We recommend getting to class a bit early and letting your instructor know you are a beginner. They will be happy to provide you with extra attention and modifications throughout your class! If there is something specific you are looking to address and want more one on one time, ask us about booking a private session at NYP! 


Do you have any Intro offers?

Totally! Click HERE to claim your offer.

What is the difference between a package and a membership?

A membership is a set of monthly recurring classes, while a package is a one time purchase. When purchasing a package, you will pay a one time fee. You must use or lose your classes by the expiration date! A membership will include an auto-renewing payment and classes that reset at the beginning of each month. Memberships at NYP include some perks as well! 

When should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your class. For safety reasons, we do not permit students to enter class late. 

If there is a waitlist, we release spots to the students at the start of class.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes bring your bestie! NYP Unlimited Membership holders have unlimited guest passes for first timers! Text us at 646-403-3271 to book a guest.

Don’t have a membership? You can still book a friend into class with you! Your friend will need to create a New York Pilates account in order to attend class. Once they have created an account, log into your account and go to “My Account > Profile > Add a Friend”. Find their name and select if you are paying for them or if you would like to use your  previously purchased classes for them.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend wearing whatever clothing you feel most comfortable moving in! Socks are optional, no shoes are needed.

We offer clothing from our NYP TECH SPORT™️ line for sale in all of our studio locations and online – ”clothing for doing Pilates in and other things too.” Designed and manufactured in NYC.

In case of a wardrobe emergency–you’re a New Yorker. Wear black.

What if I miss or cannot make my class time?

If you know you cannot make class ahead of time please cancel in the app or text us 12 hours before the start of your class to avoid a cancellation fee. 

Students must check in at least 2 minutes before the start of class. If you are not checked in when class begins your spot will be released to the next student on the waitlist. 

Missed Reservations, or “no shows”, result in a $48 charge for NYC and a $50 charge for Hamptons, for any member or package holder that is not checked in at the start of the class. Class credits will be returned to all accounts.

Any adjustment to reformer classes, including cancellation, made 12 hours or less before class start time will result in a reservation adjustment charge of $15. 

Any adjustment to private classes, including cancellation, made 24 hours or less before class start time will result in a loss of private credit. 

What is the waitlist and how does it work?

When a class is full, you can book yourself onto the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist, you should expect to attend class. Students will be automatically added into the class up to 12 hours before the start time of class – check the NYP app or online to confirm if you’ve been placed into class. If a spot opens up less than 12 hours ahead of the start time of class, all students on the waitlist will be notified of the open spot via text and invited to book the spot via the app. You can adjust your notifications settings in your account to make sure that you’re signed up to receive texts!If you are on the waitlist, but know you won’t make it to class, please remove yourself from the waitlist via our NYP app or online!

If you are added to class from the waitlist and are no longer able to make it, please be sure to cancel via our NYP app or online. Reservation adjustments and Missed Reservation policies will be applied accordingly.

Help, I need to reschedule or cancel my class!

We recommend that all booking & rescheduling be done directly in the New York Pilates app or on our booking website 💖

For any cancellations within 12 hours of class time, cancellation fees may apply. After appropriate fees are paid, canceled classes will be returned to your account for future use!

I’m pregnant, can I take class?

All of our instructors have been trained on making modifications as needed for pre/post natal students.

Please be sure to share with your instructor prior to class that you are pre/post natal so we can best accommodate you.

In your first trimester, you won’t need any modifications. In your second or third trimester, your NYP instructor will modify for you.

If you want more one on one time or modifications, we are happy to help you book a private session with an NYP instructor! 

I have a history or injury or medical issues, can I still take class?

We’re always working to accommodate as needed to support all of our students. If you have an injury, text us at 646-403-3271 with any questions. With certain injuries, we may recommend starting with a private session to give you personalized attention.

Please be sure to share any injuries with your instructor prior to class so we can best modify for your injury. NYP may decline class entry for injury and other safety concerns. 

How old do I have to be to take class at NYP?

Students of age 15-18 are welcome to attend classes after a parent/guardian signs a liability waiver.

To get started please text us at 646-403-3271


What membership options do you have and what are the prices?

We’re so glad you asked! We offer membership for all of our NYC studios. Pricing options are listed below and can be found on our site. We do not currently have memberships for our Hamptons studios. 

  • Foundation Membership: 5 reformer Classes/month -$160/mo. ($32/class)
  • Core Membership: 10 Reformer Classes/month -$250/mo. ($25/class)
  • Unlimited Membership: 1 Reformer Class per day -$360/mo. ($12/class)

What are the perks of being a member?

  • Access to over 300 Classes Per Week at any of our NYC studios! 
  • Advance booking on all NYC classes.
  • Lower cost per class.
  • Unlimited first-time guest passes — cancellation policies apply.
  • 15% off single-session Private and Duet sessions — does not apply to package pricing.
  • 20% off NYP Merchandise purchased in-studio only.
  • Keep your rate for life! Automatically renews every 30 days. 

Is there a monthly commitment with memberships?

There is no monthly commitment required when signing up for a membership. We will need 30 days written notice to cancel any membership.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Members may hold their membership for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months per calendar year. The first hold is complementary. Any following holds will result in a $45 administration fee.

Do classes rollover with memberships?

No, classes do not roll over! If you have questions about which membership option may be best for you, send us a text! 

What are the membership cancellation policies?

Members may cancel with 30 days written notice (text us at 646-403-3271) and the payment of one final month membership dues.

What are the membership terms?

  • Monthly memberships automatically renew every 30 days. 
  • Classes do not roll over. 
  • No commitment, month-to-month auto-pay. Must give 30 days notice to cancel (text us at 646-403-3271) and pay next scheduled monthly membership dues. 
  • Members may hold their membership for up to 2 months per year.
  • Members must maintain a valid credit card on file with New York Pilates.
  • Membership is non transferable. 
  • All NYP services, packages, and memberships are non-refundable or exchangeable. All sales are final. 
  • Failure to pay Membership, Reservation Adjustment, or Missed Reservation fees may result in the suspension of your booking privileges.
  • You may cancel this contract without any penalty or further obligation within three (3) days from this date. Any used classes will be charged at full rate.

Do you offer refunds on memberships?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds on memberships. You can cancel at any time! Please give us 30 days notice should you want to cancel.


What are your package options and pricing for NYC?

We have a variety of package options on our site (and below)! New to NYP? Text us to find out about our intro offers.

Single Reformer Class – $48

5 Reformer Class Pack – $235 ($47/class)

10 Reformer Class Pack – $460 ($46/class)

20 Reformer Class Pack – $900 ($45/class)

What are your package options and pricing for the Hamptons?

Single Reformer Class – $50

5 Reformer Class Pack – $245 ($49/class)

10 Reformer Class Pack – $480 ($48/class)

20 Reformer Class Pack – $940 ($47/class)

Note: NYC Memberships and packages do not flex over to Hamptons locations.

When do packages expire?

5 pack – 60 days 

10 pack – 90 days 

20 pack – 180 days 

Can I put my package on hold?

We do not offer holds. Packages will have an expiration date based on the one you choose to purchase.

Can I get a refund on my package?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds on packages.


How much is a Private/Duet?

NYC Price List: 

1 NYC Private Pilates Session $150

5 NYC Private Pilates Sessions $740

10 NYC Private Pilates Sessions $1,450

20 NYC Private Pilates Sessions $2,800


1 NYC Duet Pilates Session $200

5 NYC Duet Pilates Sessions $980

10 NYC Duet Pilates Sessions $1,920

20 NYC Duet Pilates Sessions $3,700


Hamptons Price List: 

1 Hamptons Private Pilates Session $200

5 Hamptons Private Pilates Sessions $975

10 Hamptons Private Pilates Sessions $1900

20 Hamptons Private Pilates Sessions  $3700


1 Hamptons Duet Pilates Session $300

5 Hamptons Duet Pilates Sessions $1450

10 Hamptons Duet Pilates Sessions $2800

20 Hamptons Duet Pilates Sessions $5500

How do I book a private session?

To book a private class, text us at 646-403-3271 and let us know when you would like to come in and which location. We will get you set up from there!

How do I book a recurring private class?

We are thrilled you would like to join us for private sessions on a recurring basis! This is one of the best ways to deepen your pilates knowledge, get ultra-personalized attention, and see powerful results.

To book a recurring private class, text us at 646-403-3271 and let us know when you would like to come in and which location. 

A studio rep will be in touch as soon as possible to coordinate your recurring private classes.

What is the cancellation/no show policy?

Check in with the studio team upon arrival. Your private instructor will be ready to begin at the start of the scheduled time. Lateness of more than 20 minutes will result in a loss of private credit and access to the session.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your private session. Any cancellations or class adjustments within 24 hours of the scheduled session will result in a loss of private credit.

Can I get a refund on a private session or pack I bought?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds on private sessions or packages.


Will my package or membership work at any NYP studio?

NYC packages and memberships can be used at any NYC studio (Bowery, Flatiron, Soho, West Village). Hamptons packages can be used at either Hamptons studio (Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Montauk).

Do you have showers at your studios?

We don’t have showers at our NYP locations. Pilates is low cardio and high strength training. If you happen to be glowing after class, we provide clean-label toiletries for a quick refresh! 😉

I saw a class on the schedule and now it’s gone, what happened?

Based on last minute bookings, substitute needs or attendance, NYP might temporarily adjust a class time or move a class from the schedule.

Can I bring my pet to NYP?

NYP does not allow pets of any kind. Pre-approved service animals are welcomed with a human companion.

No animals are allowed in the studio rooms without a human companion.

Do you have childcare in the studio?

We do not offer childcare. For safety, children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the studio or lobby area unattended.


How do I book a private event?

We would love to host your private event!

To coordinate, please text us at 646-403-3271 and let us know the details for your event, when you would like to hold it, and which location.

An NYP team member will be in touch within 2 business days to coordinate your private event.

Do you host private events?

Yes! We host a variety of different private events. Get in touch with us via text or email and we are happy to help you out! 

How many people can you accommodate for events?

Our studios can accommodate many types of events! If you’re looking for a private class, we can host up to 21 students in a class, up to 42 in one studio! Maximize your attendance and event experience with access to our retail and lounge areas.

I want to book an event, who do I contact for this?

Send us a text or email and we will get you in contact with the correct person! 

What is the pricing for events?

Pricing will depend on the event you are looking to hold! Once you get in touch with us we can discuss pricing options. 


How do I enroll?

Sign up for our online instructor training program here

Can I learn more?

Yes, learn about all things NYP instructor training here! Should you have further questions, send us a text or email at and our team will be happy to help you out!

Do you offer instructor training?

Yes! Our instructor training was created by Heather Andersen, NYP founder and pilates expert. More details can be found here


What is NYP world?

NYP WORLD is NYP’s digital pilates studio! You can access on demand mat and reformer classes taught by our founder, Heather Andersen! 

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here! Learn more about NYP world by visiting our FAQ’s page.


How can I contact customer support?

Text us! Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 646-403-3271

When is customer support available?

You can reach out to us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Our online hours are:

Weekdays: 8am-7pm EST

Weekends: 8am-12pm EST

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