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6 Ab-Toning Moves Better Than Crunches

A workout routine doesn’t get more tired than when you do the same five—we’ll call them “classic”—exercises you’ve done since middle school phys ed class. And, TBH, in adulthood, it’s also
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Working Out In Montauk, New York Pilates Style

Pilates by the beach—maybe not as delicious as cake by the ocean, but oh, you’ll feel so good after taking a New York Pilates Montauk class at Gurney’s Montauk Seawater Resort &
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The year is young, and that New Year’s Resolution workout plan still holds loads of potential. The Daily has found the parfait way to kick it into high gear: New York Pilates. The reformer-style studio has a come one come all
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New York Pilates Opens Montauk Studio

Popular downtown Manhattan fitness studio New York Pilates has opened the doors to its fourth location. Following a successful pop-up last summer at Gurney’s, owner Heather Andersen decided to put
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New York Pilates Expands To SoHo

Petite and ice-blonde, Andersen is maybe the best endorsement for her expanding business — she just opened a second studio on Howard Street in New York’s SoHo. “We really wanted to make
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Pilates—so hot right now. “Pilates keeps getting more and more popular because it just works so damn well,” Heather Andersen, Founder of New York Pilates, tells us. “The results are outstanding.” She adds
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New York Pilates’ Cofounder Brion Isaacs Was A Drummer First

New York Pilates cofounder Brion Isaacs was 16 years old when he formed his first band. “We were called The Sexy Magazines,” said Isaacs, who was the designated drummer of
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Heather Andersen On Vintage Leather Jackets, Platform Boots, And Pilates

Heather Andersen considers herself a classic millennial. The New York Pilates founder built her sense of style flipping through Delia’s catalogues and re-creating the looks with vintage pieces. Now she turns to
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Fashion’s Favorite Pilates Studio Is Launching Its Own Line Of Workout Gear

If you live in New York and work out regularly, chances are you’ve heard of New York Pilates. Founder Heather Andersen opened her first studio in a West Village basement in
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