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Former classical and contemporary ballet dancer Heather Andersen opened her fitness studio in 2013 to help New Yorkers improve their bodies and overall health. She began taking Pilates when she moved to New York City at nineteen and found that Pilates improved her dancing and taught her about her joints, anatomy, and functional use of her body. Heather became hooked on Pilates, but couldn’t find a studio she wanted to practice in; her vision was to create a positive, beautiful space – modern, mellow, and healing, but one that also provided a kickass workout.

Her inviting Greenwich Village studio is serenely simple, with stark white walls, hardwood floors, and colorful mats, and props. All of the instructors at New York Pilates are dedicated to improving the posture, flexibility, and core strength of their clients using an integrated approach to Pilates’ exercises. Whether students opt to work out one-on-one or in small-group classes, New York Pilates is sure to deliver a body-transforming session.

The studio focuses on a contemporary reading of Pilates, there are two main schools of thought – Classical and Contemporary. Classical Pilates teaches Joseph Pilates’ work as exactly as possible to the way he taught it early and mid 20th century. Contemporary Pilates takes liberties with his original work and incorporates anatomical science we’ve learned in the last 50 years. So instead of just using choreography the exercises are re-designed around functional muscular engagement and healthy joint usage for the healthiest and most efficient workout possible. New York Pilates focuses on a contemporary style and concentrates on anatomy, having studied under the famous Irene Dowd and Kelly Kane. Their focus is on Biomechanics and while they are a Pilates studio, there is a heavy focus on science and new research is always applied to the teaching style.

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