approachable, rigorous, playful, laid-back, open-minded, raw


How did you get into Pilates?

In the wake of my college graduation, I injured a ligament on the outside of my foot. As a big runner, I was running crazy amounts. I researched that Pilates helped a lot with injuries, and  it also strengthened and balanced bodies. I saw great reviews for NYP, and the West Village location was a block away from where I lived! I was taking Pilates 6x a week – it was really tough, and it was also a good de-stressor. Pilates helped me feel stronger and heal my injuries.

Why is Pilates your passion?

I feel like it’s something I’m constantly growing in. You can be an amazing instructor, and there’s still so much to learn. I love the science behind it – how the body works and new discoveries. I love the fact that I can slow down and think about where my body is in space, which in turn helps me with running.

Why did you become an instructor?

I was working as a freelance photographer and writer, but I didn’t like the uncertainty of the industry. I was starting to feel really burnt out by it. I loved going to Pilates. I wanted a change, so I looked into becoming an instructor for a step further. It’s a profession where I could still grow and learn in, and it gave me structure and consistency. I love interacting with students to help them feel good.

What makes your class unique?

I love the core, because I also want abs! I like to make it a hard class. When you come in, there’s always something to work towards. It’s also relaxed and fun. If you can’t do something, it’s totally okay to modify.

Why do you love teaching at NYP?

It’s awesome. All the instructors are amazing, and there’s an awesome vibe between everyone in the company. Everyone is so on top of their game, so it encourages you to do better.

How long have you been an instructor?

Since 2018.


With a variety of classes for every mood and style,

it’s easy to find your fit.

  • Heather fun, energetic, anatomical, rigorous, creative, caring
  • Nwando welcoming, trusted, playful, rigorous, complex, intuitive
  • Abby vibrant, intuitive, energetic, trusted, curious, adventurous
  • Kai-ting intuitive, vibrant, imaginative, daring, analytical, laidback
  • Talese curious, welcoming, energetic, fun, crafted, radical
  • Mayo fun, scientific, energetic, disciplined, surprising, respectful
  • Dana energetic, fun, experimental, welcoming, dynamic, laid-back
  • Meg imaginative, dynamic, technical, surprising, vibrant, welcoming
  • Sam playful, approachable, fun, crafted, rigorous, experimental
  • Marcia fierce, grateful, cheeky, disciplined, energetic, approachable
  • Jen P artistic, playful, vibrant, refined, welcoming, technical
  • Alec approachable, fun, rigorous, dynamic, cheeky, practical
  • Jennifer sincere, disciplined, rigorous, fun, progressive, energetic
  • Jenni relatable, calm, imaginative, intuitive, playful, experimental
  • Leyla welcoming, professional, rigorous, sincere, vibrant, intuitive
  • Xander artistic, laid-back, playful, adventurous, graceful, dynamic
  • Cassandra raw, playful, welcoming, adventurous, curious, dynamic
  • Heran approachable, fun, rigorous, crafted, scientific, energetic
  • Jane S. intuitive, dynamic, subtle, graceful, relatable, adventurous
  • Emi
  • Javi
  • Banu
  • Tiffany welcoming, progressive, dynamic, playful, vibrant, sincere,
  • Anna approachable, rigorous, playful, laid-back, open-minded, raw
  • Katelyn approachable, trusted, sincere, playful, experimental, scientific